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Wagdog Promotion is the Events Marketing arm of Lichfield-based advertising agency AdStorm. We help our clients to create new brands from scratch, as well as helping others to develop and reinvent an existing brand identity.

We believe that a strong visual identity is essential to any organisation as it lies at the heart of your brand 's recognition and it helps to tie all your communications together. However the brand itself is very much more than that. Every customer interaction is an expression of your brand and your organisation's personality is defined not only by your marketing materials but by your entire spectrum of conduct, from your customer service to your accounts department, from Sales to PR to Product Development.

We can help you to develop your visual identity with our very cost-effective logo design service, which typically will include the design of templates for letterheads, business cards, web site and other communications.

For those wishing to take their identity further through a thorough brand consultancy, we begin with a brainstorming exercise to help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and how those might be expressed in your brand to best benefit your organisation. We work with you to define your core brand values and then we can help you to share that vision with every part of your organisation, enabling it to develop a personality that expresses the brand way beyond the capability of a visual identity alone.

AdStorm is a full-service marketing agency, enabling us to service all of your marketing support requirements through a single account manager. This ensures adherence to your corporate branding rules and that all your communications are consistent and coherent. To discuss your requirements with one of our account handlers, please telephone us on 08456 444567 or email us at

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